To express our gratitude for these referrals and in hopes of incentivizing our customers to continue spreading the “good news” through word of mouth referrals, we have created a program that provides a $40 total credit to those customer advocates involved in promoting our business.

We call it our 20/20 Referral Program. We’re not just talking about the changes many of our customers have already benefited from like our curbside junk removal and contact less trash hauling services.

We’re talking about showing our appreciation by giving back to those loyal customers who have advocated for our growth by providing us referrals.  

Its As Easy As

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  1. The customer Advocate goes to our website to fill out a Referral Program form. Be sure to fill in every field of the form and of course identify the identity of your Referral.
  2. Once the form is submitted, both the Advocate and the Referral will receive an email with an exclusive Referral Code on it.
  3. Use the Referral Code the next time each of you needs our services to receive a $20 credit each ($40 total credit) .

Here’s Some More Good News



Here’s Some More Good News… These credits DO NOT expire and they can accumulate over time! 

There’s no limit on how much money you can earn with our Referral Program. 

We love our work and are always ready for more, so help us out by joining our Referral Program and earn money now! 


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Other Ways To Spread The Word

If our Referral Program doesn’t interest you, there are other ways you can support Good News Junk Removal. We try to encourage every customer to provide us feedback or a testimonial about their experiences using our junk removal services.

 We actually use testimonials and reviews from our customers as opportunities to get better at what we do. Feel free to write your review on Google My Business, Yelp or Facebook.

 You can also call us at (630) 504-9915 to tell us about your experience. REVIEWS & TESTIMONIALS Good News Junk Removal cares deeply about providing the best customer service We appreciate everyone’s reviews because we use them to help grade the quality of our work.