Book Appointment

Choose your preferred day and time on our calendar.


 Click “Book Appointment” button on our website to head over to our scheduling calendar. Then choose a day and time and answer some quick questions so we may better serve you. 

      Once completed, you will receive an email confirmation for your no obligation appointment. We make it our mission to be professional, courteous and respectful of your time. Some of the ways we embody professionalism at the highest level is through our courteous reminder system. 

         For example, you will receive a reminder email 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. If your appointment is scheduled out more than one day.

           We will also either call, text or email you when we are on our way so that you are ready for us.

FREE Estimate

For a quick estimate, text pictures of your junk.

There are two (2) distinct ways that you can receive a FREE Estimate from Good News Junk Removal:

  1. You can book an appointment using the calendar on our website. 
    1. We will show up at your home or business to assess the size of your junk in person and provide your FREE Estimate. 
  2. You can text us a picture of your junk to (630) 504-9915.  
    1. Our owner Alix will receive your text, analyze the picture you sent and respond promptly with your FREE Estimate.
    2. Any estimate based on pictures received by text message could be subject to change in the event we determine the workload is larger in person than was previously identified over the phone. 
    3. We suggest text messaging a picture of your junk if you are in need of an estimate quickly.

We Haul It All

If our price works for you, we work for you!


When we arrive at your home or business we will assess your junk load size and then provide you a final price. If you accept our price then 95% of the time we can get right to work. 

We provided you a free no-obligation estimate, so if you don’t agree with our price then you do not have to purchase our service.   

Once we complete the job we will collect payment and immediately email you a receipt for your records.

Then we take all of the junk we picked up, collected and removed and we haul it away to a local charity or donation center to sort out the reusable items.  

After items are sorted and donated we head straight over to the recyclable items that could benefit our local charities and donation centers

Next, we separate out all recyclables because the more of your junk that’s recycled, the less that will be buried in the ground.