Dumpster Rentals

Why is Good News Junk Removal the #1 dumpster rental service in Douglasville, Georgia?  

We’ve been providing the good people of Georgia affordable and high quality junk removal services for the better part of a decade.During such time, many of our happy customers have asked us whether we also provide dumpster rentals. In fact, this past year we received more requests for roll off dumpster rentals, garbage bin rentals or cheap mini dumpster rentals then ever before! With that many folks looking for the dumpster rental alternative to our primary junk removal service, we felt it was time to expand and give the great people of Georgia what they want. You asked for it, so we made it happen Good News Junk Removal now provides dumpster trailer rental services!

What Are Self-Service Dumpster Rentals? 


Dumpster Rentals Trailer Rental-Good News- Junk Removal- Douglasville, Ga


Dumpster Rentals Trailer Rental-Good News- Junk Removal- Douglasville, Ga


Dumpster Rentals Trailer Rental-Good News- Junk Removal- Douglasville, Ga

Who will haul away my furniture for free?

In the past, Sears would send a “furniture removal specialist” to their customers’ house to drop off a new sofa the customer purchased, and while there, pick up any old couch, bed frame or mattress that needed to be removed. Therefore the furniture company would cover the mattress removal, old couch removal and bed frame removal costs and the customer gets free furniture removal.

The advent of the internet was a game-changer for consumerism. People started buying online and were no longer limited to purchasing furniture from stores in their local area. Simultaneously, this led to the death of many full-service furniture stores that would come pick up your junk furniture for free. Consequently, leading to the rise in demand for junk removal companies like Good News Junk Removal. If you need us, we’re open 7 days a week. No matter how big or small, Good News Junk Removal can haul it all! 

How to prepare your furniture for removal by junk haulers?

When you are considering large furniture removals, like entertainment center disposal or credenza removal, please let us know if your furniture is still functional for reuse, is located up flights of stairs or is your furniture on the ground floor.  This will help us come prepared with an appropriate amount of labor (we call them Good News Guys) so that they can show up with the correct tools and equipment.

How to book appointment for furniture removal estimate?

All you have to do is click the “Book Appointment” button on the bottom of this screen or go straight to the calendar next to this sentence to choose your day and time and answer some brief questions. It will only take 60 seconds and if you agree with our quote when we arrive then we can begin hauling away the furniture you want removed. If it’s more convenient for you to text us a picture we can send you an INSTANT estimate via text.  You can even call us at (630) 504-9915 to tell us directly what pieces of furniture you want us to pick up and remove. In all three (3) instances if the quote is acceptable to you then we can handle the furniture removal service right away.

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