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Junk Removal Pricing
in Georgia

Upfront prices, no hidden fees & complimentary estimates (aka free quotes).


How We Calculate Our Junk Removal Prices

Our junk removal pricing is based on the size of the junk you need hauled. The amount of volume the junk takes up in our Good News Junk Removal trucks will determine the cost of the junk removal. 

We don’t have any hidden fees because we believe in upfront transparency for our junk removal pricing. We provide every customer a no obligation complimentary estimate before we begin working. If they accept our free quote, then about 95% of the time we can immediately begin working

Our Junk Removal Price Includes

  1. Our junk removal pricing includes the cost of physical labor provided by at least 1 (but usually 2) Good News Junk Removal technicians who are fully licensed, insured, drug screened, background checked & customer service trained junk hauling experts.
  2. The cost of hauling & dumping the junk using our Good News Junk Removal dump trucks. Great for hauling  commercial and residential clutter, furniture, appliances, trash, junk, yard waste, debris & more.
  3. The cost of gas to fuel the truck & maintenance costs to service the truck.
  4. The cost of dump fees charged by the landfill for junk disposal.
  5. Complimentary clean up guarantee to clean the project area & a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you are completely satisfied with our junk removal services.

FAQs Junk Removal Pricing

pricing truck

          Heavy construction material such as concrete, gravel or dirt is more labor intensive and costly to dispose of so there may be extra charges for these materials.appliance removal

  Also certain types of appliances and furniture may have extra charges but they are very uncommon. 

Examples include large floor-standing copiers, pianos, or refrigerators 42″ wide and 68″ tall.

We actually have a one item pickup service that only costs $99. This could be used for an armchair, a couch, a sofa, refrigerator, washer, dryer or any other large appliance or large piece of furniture.

Furniture Removal

Most of our competitors are charging much more for the same service.


            We will actually match that price because we have a Lowest Price Guarantee. You can learn more if you check out our Good News Guarantee page

$360 per week Our Dumpster Rentals are affordable, effective and reliable. We drop your dumpster off any day of the week and then pick it up once you have finished filling it up. 

The best part is our dumpster delivery is fast and free. Sometimes we can even provide same day dumpster service for our local customers.

dumpster rentalsOur dumpster rental service is perfect for your next residential or commercial project because its only $360 per week. One flat rate, no hidden fees. Reserve your dumpster today!

According to Homeadvisor who uses data from hundreds of junk removal companies nationwide, the average price range for yard waste removal jobs is between $192 and $539.

Our full truck load is only $525 and our average yard debris removal job is around a quarter load which costs $200. So we are more affordable than practically every other junk removal company.

Payment Forms We Accept:

good-news-junk-removal-form-of-payment- visual-representation

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Discover

Our junk removal pricing is very easy to understand because we simply charge based on how much space or volume your items occupy in our truck.

As stated in the above table, we offer the most affordable junk removal prices:

  • 1/8 Load- $150
  • 1/4 Load- $200
  • 3/8 Load- $250
  • 1/2 Load- $300
  • 5/8 Load- $350
  • 3/4 Load- $400
  • 7/8 Load- $450
  • Full load- $525

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  We provide a complimentary cleaning service which includes sweeping and general cleaning of our work area.

If more extensive cleaning is requested then we will apprise you of the need (if any) for an additional cleaning fee.