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& Renters


Homeowners – large customer base that lacks access to a large truck or trailer for hauling. Renting these vehicles can be costly plus they would still have to pay for someone to clean up and haul away junk.

Renters  –very small customer base that lacks access to transportation  large enough to haul away  household junk. Generally mobile lifestyle and smaller dwelling unit reduces potential for accumulating junk 

Contractors & Construction Companies

Construction Companies –if you’re in the business of new construction, reconstruction, remodeling, redecorating, or demolition, Junk Studz Junk Removal & Hauling can help you maximize your profits by saving you time, labor, and money!

Handy Homeowners – large customer base that lacks access to a large truck or trailer for hauling. Renting these vehicles can be costly plus they would still have to pay for someone to clean up and haul away junk.

Realtors & Property Managers


Businesses – a regular user of haul-away services, to dispose of everything from old office furniture to surplus or damaged inventory. 

  We are blessed with the ability to serve others and we are humbled by the positive impact we create in their lives. Today more than ever in our history, we need to be selfless and compassionate while living with Coronavirus/COVID-19. 


Signs you NEED junk removal

       Over time, our homes tend to accumulate lots of things that we don’t necessarily need. 

Couch Broken header 485x500 1 e1586023801947 Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas Georgia

     Old furniture, outdated electronics, and unused toys take up valuable space that could be used for other, more important things. 

electronic recycling Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas Georgia

      Good News Junk Removal will pick up anything you no longer want and dispose of it on your behalf.



You’re proud of yourself because you just bought a high-end Stainless Steel LG Washer and Dryer from some guy across town that you found on a mobile app for only $1,000 when it retails for $5, Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas Georgia 

     What a deal! He drops it off at your house, kindly helps you move it into its new home in your garage, you hand him the money and he drives away. 

     As you walk back into your house you stumble over the old washer and dryer that caused you so much frustration. TR7 DR5 Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas Georgia

 In the same moment you realize you have no way of getting these 2 huge appliances off your property.

      Where do you even dispose of huge appliances like this anyway?  


Many people use their garage for more than just storing cars, especially if they have a 3-car garage or larger. moving boxes png 2 Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas Georgia

     Some other common uses include workshops, man-caves, recreation rooms, storage units, doggy domains as well as other animal applications, kids play areas and even into spare bedrooms.  

     Your garage was actually all of the above at one time or another! It’s time for a garage clean out. Who can you call for garage clean up services? 

After a garage sale or yard sale, the last thing you want to do is load furniture you didn’t sell back into the house.

789 7896471 1 2 3 fabric sofa set cloth sofa Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas Georgia

    Instead, a Good News Junk Removal can haul away all of the unsold furniture and likely even find a new home for it by donating it through one of their local partnerships with donations centers.

st vincent de paul logo white Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas GeorgiaATL AC Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas GeorgiaGoodwill Industries Logo.svg 1 Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas Georgia      Sometimes they also recycle furniture; especially old furniture that needs to be picked up for furniture disposal.

   So you will never have to see your old furniture again and it will help either

the environment or someone else less fortunate. 



      For some people, renting a dumpster is a good way to get rid of a lot of trash at one time. However, when you rent a dumpster, you have to do a LOT of work. unnamed 5 Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas Georgia

     Do you really want to be walking up and down the stairs all day? Do you want a dumpster sitting in front of your house for days, maybe weeks?   

transparent plastics rubbish 3 e1583402365960 Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas Georgia

        By hiring a professional service, you can avoid all of this hassle. The job gets done quickly and you really don’t have to think about it.


       Growing up, you had a hot tub only you called it a spa. When your kids were younger, they called it a jacuzzi and used it daily.

  However, when the kids got a little older, the jacuzzi became a hot tub and all of the sudden they stopped using it.

Since you’ve never 

hot tub removal 1024x1005 1 Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas Georgia

personally been a fan of jacuzzis, hot tubs or spas, it makes sense to have it demolished and removed.

Now how should you Google search a good Junk Removal Company? Hot Tub Removal? Spa Removal? Or Jacuzzi Removal? 


During a major remodeling project, you tend to accumulate a lot of trash, debris, and extra materials.

It seems like everything is just piling up in and around your home.

Every part of the construction process, including excavation and demolition, creates a lot of extra waste. unnamed 2 Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas Georgia

Junk removal companies don’t just haul old TVs and mattresses.They can also help with many landscaping projects.


They can rake fall leaves, haul away dirt, or pick up yard debris.

Contractors will charge you an arm and a leg and your gardener doesn’t have the truck load space to pick up and haul away yard waste and tree branches of this magnitude.

You’ve got Yard Waste to remove. Save your back. 

The more items you keep at your house, the more likely those items acccumulate into disorganized junk.bazaart1 3 1536x884 1 Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas Georgiaunnamed 5 Good News Junk Removal Dallas Ga Junk Removal Dallas Georgia

The more disorganized junk that clutters your home, the more likely such clutter will create stress for you.

The stress hormone, high cortisol, has already been linked to people with messy homes that have clutter or hoarding issues.

When you are stressed you exert more mental energy; therefore stressed people are tired all the time.

This in turn makes it harder to focus. If cleaning up a messy home is all that’s needed to help you focus, stay alert and  stress less, then what are you waiting for?

Call Good News Junk Removal today!            

Why Choose Good News For Junk Removal?

What is the process for Junk Removal?

What is the process for your Junk Hauling Service?

We Strive to Donate & Recycle 60% of your Items

From your garage to your crawlspace to your attic to your basement to an entire home cleanout, our home junk removal team will go anywhere to remove the junk, waste,  clutter, trash and debris from your home. We are the affordable clean and green junk removal company that provides junk hauling services to keep your house clean and junk-free. Especially if you just moved-in or moved-out of your home, apartment or condo and you feel overwhelmed by all the clutter and junk mess. Our rubbish removal and home cleanout services will be expertly performed by our experience junk haulers, the “Good News Guys”. We will pick up and haul away your undesirable and unwanted items with with our furniture removal service, appliance removal service, yard waste removal service, trash removal service and our household junk removal service. Don’t delay homeowners, and renters, call us at (630) 504-9915 today!

Good News Junk Removal is willing to take any furniture you no longer want or no longer need. We haul away furniture and provide mattress removal, sofa disposal and even office furniture pickup. Our goal is to make picking up junk furniture as stress-free and as easy on you as possible. We strive for 60% of what we take to become furniture recycled or donation furniture.

Good News Junk Removal provides appliance pickup, hauling and appliance disposal services for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial appliances.  This includes large appliance removal and some electronics removal and recycling which may not be permitted at some landfills. If you’ve been searching for how to dispose of your old tv then you’ve come to the right place. We always strive to donate and recycle appliances and electronics before we head to the dump.

When it comes to trash removal, we can provide either a one-time or reoccurring garbage pickup service for both residential and commercial trash. Our trash haulers will cruise curbside to provide garbage pickup and trash hauling services without any physical contact. 

Good News Junk Removal provides yard waste removal, landscape debris removal and tree limb removal services for residential and commercial properties.  This includes emergency storm debris removal services. If the storm was small it might just require leaf removal; alternatively, if the storm damage was devastating it may require tree removal services. In each scenario, the Good News Guys will arrive quickly and on-time, provide high-quality services and stay upfront about our affordable pricing.     

Full service, affordable junk removal and junk hauling services provided by punctual, uniformed, background-checked professionals. Leaving all work areas in broom swept condition we haul away anything your home or business may need to get rid of including bicycles, musical instruments, clutter, clothing, books, appliances, furniture, trash yard waste, electronics, carpet and much more!  Our junk removal prices are based on the amount of volume or space that these items fill up in our truck. When our junk haulers arrive at your home or business, all you have to do is point and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Over the years, we have learned that construction and demolition work creates tons of debris and waste that needs to be safely removed for recycling and disposal. So whether you have a special project occurring just one time or for a longer period of time that requires consistent, regular waste removal, we have the equipment and skilled labor to get the job done. In fact, Good News Junk Removal is always on the lookout for contractors, construction companies, handy homeowners and even commercial businesses in need of our light demolition and debris hauling services. If you become a Partner with us for our Construction Debris Removal or Light Demolition services then you will get special pricing incentives as well as the long term benefits of growing your construction organization with highly rated premium junk removal company at your side. Whether you partner with us or simply hire us for your next demolition project, you will save time, avoid the frustration of doing it yourself, you will save money fromyou from the costs of hiring temporary labor, renting a dumpster and dealing with the hassle because our prices include the Labor, Hauling & Disposal.

At Good News Junk Removal our junk haulers are trained in more than just trash removal and scrap metal recycling, we’re also professional demolition and debris removal specialists. Some demolition projects can be dangerous, so we recommend leaving light demolition work around the home or office to Good News Junk Removal. When the demolition is finished, we have the right equipment and skilled labor to haul the debris away so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Construction Debris Removal includes construction site clean-up services, home renovation clean-up services and commercial debris clean-up services. e and transportation of construction debris, material and any other waste from contractors or a construction site. Our free scrap metal pick up promotion has ended but we will continue to provide scrap metal pickup, scrap metal removal and scrap metal recycling at discounted rates.

Our real estate junk removal services will take anything and everything from the “distressed” properties you routinely purchase. Our property management junk pickup and disposal services allow you to either arrange recurring services tailored to your specific needs or easily organize one-time collections of any junk, trash or waste left outside or inside any of your properties.  Whatever type of estate cleanout, home cleanout, property clean up, foreclosure cleanout, crawl space clean out, garage clean out, attic cleanout or basement cleanout service you are looking for the guys over at Good News Junk Removal have your back!  

Our Foreclosure Cleanout services are well known in Northern Georgia as we have helped clear out, clean out and clean up over 500 residential and commercial properties and counting. Our service is very thorough and we can offer property managers, real estate professionals, banks and asset managers either one-time cleaning services or we can set up a more regular recurring cleaning service to ensure your property is good to go as quickly as possible.  We take whatever you desire or require from these properties and we will report back to you with updates on the status of your real property. We treat our Foreclosure Cleanup clients extra special and we don’t mind going the extra mile to even do some light landscaping, board up windows and doors or whatever else it is that you need done to take care of your investment. New Foreclosure Cleanup customers get 50% their first service so don’t delay, call us at (630) 504-9915 today! 

  • Office Appliance Removal
  • Office Furniture Removal
  • Computer Removal
  • Printer Removal
  • Hoarding Items
  • Garage Cleaning Service
  • Carpet Removal
  • Foreclosure Cleanout Removal

We offer a variety of recycling and waste services for our residential, commercial and construction customers.  Our goal will always be to divert 60% of what we take from the landfill to either our local recycling centers or donate it to one of our local charity partners. What we take to donations includes new and gently used items.  Our donation center partners like Goodwill and St Vincent de Paul Society accept new and gently used items for donation. In terms of recycling, we take over half of everything picked up to a recycling center including many household appliances like refrigerators and many construction materials as well like concrete, plastic and wood. Ask about our donations discounts when you call together we can make a difference to help clean up our planet.

  • Office Appliance Removal
  • Office Furniture Removal
  • Computer Recycling
  • Television Recycling
  • Scrap Metal Recycling
  • Recycle Electronics
  • Appliance Recycling

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Kim Emory <br>
Kim Emory
Google My Business
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Our basement has never been this clean! Alix and Caleb were professional, prompt, literally removed a truck load of junk and cleaned up afterwards, which I completely did not expect for the great price I paid! Five stars is not enough for the job they did today in the July heat! THANK YOU to Good News Junk Removal for your hard work but more importantly for your message! May God Bless you all! 1 Peter 4:10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.
Wayne Lankford
Wayne Lankford
Read More
"We had a house in Roswell we needed a bunch of stuff removed from. They did a fantastic job at a very reasonable price. Shortly after we hired them to move a truckload of stuff from there to Hoover Alabama. Again we were most satisfied with their help. These are good and caring people. We were most impressed and so grateful for all their help. These are really good people who do great work."
Teri Renn-Bailey
Teri Renn-Bailey
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I just would like to say how nice and professional these guys were. they did a great job of removing the junk from my house. I would 100% use them again.
Tim Moody
Tim Moody
Google My Business
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Would like to say that Good News Removal was very professional, with prompt service under the bad weather conditions was very much appreciated. They didn’t cancel...showed up on time and removed everything needed and then some. Very kind and courteous and I highly recommend them for their service. I also would like to say, I would like to see them expand their services to ‘moving services’...I personally think they would be great at it also, if they are not already doing it. Thanks Again.
-Tim Moody
Adam D. <br> Rockmart, GA
Adam D.
Rockmart, GA
Read More
I called them to clean out a garage full of junk. They showed up quickly and used that same sense of urgency to make my big job seem small. These guys were very professional and I got a great price! I would highly recommend them for any junk removal needs.
Katrina J. <br> Dallas, GA
Katrina J.
Dallas, GA
Read More
Great communication, fast, clean, and courteous!! Would definitely hire again.